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Supercharge your website and social media with an interactive chat assistant customized just for your business.

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Benefit #1 – Our chatbots will work on your website and Facebook page

Your Website

Hire our 24/7 digital assistant to help out visitors on your website and increase conversion. No need to guess if they will be able to easily find directions, contact information and other important information about your business. We will customize the chatbot to your business.


Engage social media users by utilizing your customized digital assistant on your Facebook page. The chatbot will be the same one found on your website and can offer helpful answers to common questions and help convert those visitors into customers!

Benefit #2 – Your chat assistant will be customized for your business

Your digital Chatbot Assistant is programmed with all of the important information about your business. Visitors will have easy access to your online reviews, directions, contact information and other essential information.  Offer specials or discounts on certain services or products? A customized chatbot will seamlessly provide this information to your website visitors 24/7/365. Over time, the chatbot learns even more about your business and visitors as we continue to refine it.

Click the button below to watch a video sample of a chatbot customized for audiology practices. BotSugar can make chatbots and chat assistants for any type of business.

Benefit #3 – Your new chat employee won’t call in sick and works 24/7

The Assistant that never sleeps or calls in sick

A chat assistant from BotSugar offers 99% uptime and never quits, calls in sick or takes a smoking break. This means that visitors to your website, landing pages and Facebook page will always be able to get the most important details about your business. Meanwhile, each chat helps your digital assistant learn and improve.

Increase interaction and conversion on your website 24/7

Engaging with visitors via chat on your website and social pages has been shown to increase conversion. This means more leads and sales for your business. Our customized chatbots provide an affordable solution that doesn’t take your employees away from their other responsibilities.

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